International Litigation and Investigation Consulting

Jerry works with US counsel to oversee and coordinate cross-border and overseas litigation and internal and cross-border investigations.  He often works directly with in-house counsel of US companies and local counsel abroad, managing transnational litigation, translating legal concepts from non-US legal systems (often civil law systems) for US-trained lawyers, leading multi-jurisdiction investigations, and coordinating written submissions and oral presentations to foreign courts and arbitral tribunals to ensure quality, consistency and efficacy.  Jerry often works hand-in-hand with legal teams from US law firms, forensic specialists, and expert witnesses, and he routinely interfaces with non-US government authorities on compliance and investigation issues.

Conversely, Jerry assists non-US companies and individuals to navigate US criminal and civil legal proceedings, investigations, and compliance efforts.  He works closely with local counsel, helping to break down legal concepts across differing systems, and interfacing with US counsel and government authorities.

Over the course of his career, Jerry has had broad experience over a diverse array of subject matters.  Examples include:

  • Oversight of Brazilian counsel in internal and government investigations of a US company’s involvement in an oil spill in Rio de Janeiro
  • Oversight of local French counsel in internal and criminal documentary fraud investigation of US company in France
  • Oversight of French counsel in mass tort civil case against US company in France
  • Coordination of local counsel in potential slander/libel case against US company in Spain
  • Internal investigation for US board members of securities and governance issues of Mexican media company
  • Oversight of Cypriot, Russian and BVI counsel in connection with securities and governance disputes arising from sale of an investment in a multinational company
  • Litigation due diligence investigations for US companies in connection with acquisition of European/African education company and a German technology company
  • Consultation with US in-house counsel regarding former employees’ exfiltration of trade secrets to China and related federal prosecution
  • Multiple FCPA investigations of US companies regarding non-US affiliates in Middle East, China, Thailand, Russia and Mexico
  • Internal and government investigations for US company involving allegations of government mischarging by employees on several continents
  • Advice to European multinational company on supply-chain compliance obligations under US federal and state laws
  • Representation of multiple overseas executives in US antitrust, fraud, health care and FCPA grand jury investigations