International Arbitration and Mediation

As a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of International Arbitrators, Jerry serves as an international arbitrator and mediator both independently and as a panelist for FedArb where he heads up the European/Latin American/African desk.  He brings a wealth of experience as arbitration counsel in matters before all of the major arbitral institutions to his practice as an international arbitrator and mediator. 

He has handled or advised on arbitrations involving intellectual property and technology, health care, construction, contractual disputes, and data privacy, among other areas.  He has also been involved with scores of mediations involving cross-border issues including inter-corporate disputes, tort and environmental claims by native peoples against multinational companies, cross-border employment disputes, technology and privacy issues, and corruption-related claims.

Jerry strongly believes in the arbitration process as an efficient, wise and just means of resolving disputes among parties from different jurisdictions – ensuring that every party is confident its legal position has been heard and understood; that appropriate formalities have been respected to protect the integrity of the process; that hard truths have been confronted; and that, whatever the outcome, all points of view, applicable laws and procedural perspectives have been fairly taken into account.

With his master’s degree in French and European business law in Paris and having worked extensively in Romano-Germanic legal systems in Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and Russia, Jerry is experienced in navigating disputes between parties coming from different legal cultures.  He is committed to the proposition that ADR at the international level requires careful attention to and respect for the world’s varied jurisprudential traditions as the necessary backdrop for determining the parties’ intent and agreements.