Jerry Roth, FCI Arb, serves as an international arbitrator and mediator and provides international litigation and investigation consulting for US and non-US corporate and individual clients. He is based in San Francisco, and he resides part-time in Paris.

Jerry brings the experience of 27 years as a partner at the premier California-based law firm Munger, Tolles & Olson, where he led complex international litigation, arbitration, mediation, and government and internal investigation matters for national and international companies, boards, and executives. Before joining MTO, he acted as an Assistant United States Attorney in New York where he prosecuted white collar cases and garnered two DOJ awards. In addition to undergraduate and law degrees from Harvard, both magna cum laude, Jerry holds a French-language master’s degree in French, European and International Business Law from the University of Paris II-Assas.

Jerry has worked extensively on both civil and criminal matters and under common law and civil law systems. He has handled cases involving legal systems on every continent, including environmental and social responsibility matters in Peru and Brazil; contract, mass tort and criminal matters in France and Spain; FCPA and IP litigation in China, Russia, Israel, and South America, and corporate investigations in the Middle East and Africa.

As 2019-20 President of Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA), the world’s oldest international lawyers’ association, Jerry maintains close ties with national and local bar leaders around the globe; international associations such as the IBA, LAWASIA, UNCITRAL, and AIJA; and the ABA, where he served as Chair of the International Litigation Committee of the Litigation Section and currently serves as a member of the Asia Law Initiative Council.

Jerry is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of International Arbitrators and has trained at the ICC in Paris. Jerry is a member of the FedArb international arbitration and mediation panel and heads up FedArb’s Europe/South America/Africa desk. He lectures on international arbitration and mediation matters for the UIA, LAWASIA and ABA before diverse audiences.

Jerry speaks Spanish and French fluently and works in German, Italian and Portuguese; he is an avid student of Russian, Greek, and other languages. He holds a certificate in Spanish language from the Universidad de Madrid and has qualified at the highest level of French proficiency.

As a long-time San Francisco resident, Jerry has worked throughout the Bay Area and extensively for technology clients in Silicon Valley. He served as Program Coordinator for the Bay Area chapter of the American Business Trial Lawyers Association, Bay Area chair of the ABA White Collar Subcommittee, and chair of the International Litigation Committee of the Bar Association of San Francisco.

Jerry is also active in international human rights work. In addition to his efforts through UIA, Jerry spearheaded a special ABA program to train Sudanese lawyers to represent victims of the Darfur tragedy before the International Criminal Court; the annual Rule of Law Webathon organized by the ABA, UIA and other international bar associations; and an ABA program to train Haitian lawyers on representation of criminal defendants. He has also authored numerous amicus briefs on LGBT issues in a variety of US court proceedings.